CollectA Prehistoric World Triceratops Tooth



Unearth the mystery of the dinosaurs with CollectA’s Prehistoric World Collection, start with this triceratops tooth display that includes fascinating facts!

Complete your young explorer’s dinosaur collection with a fossil replica of a Triceratops tooth. Depending on its size, this dinosaur may have had up to 800 double-rooted teeth. This realistic figure depicts one double-rooted tooth that’s beautifully reproduced from careful research and collected fossils.

Enlisting the help of professional artists from all over the world, CollectA was able to produce a scientifically accurate replica that’s great for learning and play. This fossil model comes with its own plastic and acrylic fronted fossil case, along with exciting facts about the herbivorous dino. The specimen can also be removed for close examination.


  • Each fossil replica has been approved by Anthony Beeson, a well-known expert in Paleoimagery from Bristol, England.
  • Made from durable PVC and hand-painted with non-toxic paint for safe playtime
  • Includes a 4.7″ x 3.15″ display case with a fold-out easel for shelf display and a hanging hole for wall mounting
  • Comes with fun facts about the Triceratops that children can read and learn
  • The perfect accompaniment for other models in CollectA’s Fossil Replica and Prehistoric World Collection
  • Dimensions: approximately 4″ long
  • Suitable for collectors and children ages 3 and over

Surprise your young dino lover with this CollectA Prehistoric World Triceratops Tooth that looks like the real thing!