CollectA Prehistoric World Tenontosaurus M



CollectA Tenontosaurus toy figure, with its accurate depiction of the prehistoric herbivore, lets your kids experience history first hand.

The Tenontosaurus was a herbivore that lived in the Cretaceous period and inhabited some parts of North America. Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the Tenontosaurus is its tail, which takes up more than half its total body length.‭ Its tail is supported by a secure network of tendons, which made sure that it is always carried erect off the ground.‭

The CollectA Tenontosaurus M provides an exciting replica of the prehistoric herbivore with its high-quality sculpting and beautiful paint finish. Indeed, this toy figure makes an all-purpose tool for learning due to its scientifically correct features.


  • CollectA Prehistoric World Tenontosaurus toy figure equalizes a dinosaur collection that is usually dominated by carnivores. Make the lineup more diverse by adding this herbivore to the group.
  • Kids can learn about prehistoric creatures as they spend more time with these scientifically accurate replicas of dinosaurs.
  • The Tenontosaurus is a great addition to a pretend habitat display or a project exhibit.
  • This replica of a giant is finely-scaled and made of sturdy material, so the smaller parts remain intact even when dropped.
  • All CollectA pieces are made of 100% safe substances
  • Dimensions: 14 x 3.5 x 4.5 cm
  • Great for kids three and above

The CollectA Tenontosaurus figure will most certainly make a great addition to your Cretaceous period dinosaur display or any dinosaur collection.