CollectA Prehistoric World Regaliceratops Dinosaur Figure



The CollectA Prehistoric World Regaliceratops is a fantastic dinosaur figure of a rarely-depicted horned dinosaur that will delight dino fans of all ages. 

Regaliceratops comes the dinosaur family known as ceratopsians. Ceratopsians are famous for their exotic, at times bizarre, head decor, impressive head shield, and horns that unrivalled in the dinosaur world.

By enlisting the help of palaeontologists, CollectA was able to replicate a Ceratopsian that is rarely represented in toy form. With a name that means “royal horned face,” the Regaliceratops toy figure features the dino’s dramatic crown-like frill adorned with large angled plates that gave this ceratopsian its name. 


  • Sculpted and painted by a world-renowned team supervised by archaeologist Anthony Beeson, a well-respected expert in Paleoimagery.
  • Made with high-quality, unbreakable PVC and non-toxic paint for safe playtime
  • Perfect for education purposes, dioramas, ancient world displays, and exhibits
  • Introduce your little one to the prehistoric world of dinosaurs with CollectA’s dinosaur toy figures.
  • Dimensions: 12.3cm x 5cm
  • Suitable for dino collectors ages 3 and up

Buy the CollectA Prehistoric World Regaliceratops Dinosaur Figure and complete your family of Ceratopsians by adding this newly discovered dinosaur to your lineup.