CollectA Prehistoric World Pteranodon M Toy Figure



CollectA World Pteranodon Toy Figure features the miniature model of the enormous prehistoric winged creature every dinosaur toy collection shouldn’t miss.

The Pteranodon is one of the notable flying reptiles from the Cretaceous Period. It had a long bony skull crest, which may have been used for stability in flight. The Pteranodon’s wingspan is longer than any known bird which stretches over 6 meters. Definitely, an exotic creature that would catch the attention of fact-finding children.

CollectA Pteranodon figure sports high standard craftsmanship and hand-painting to serve as a factually accurate visual reference for anyone who would use it for educational or public viewing. It also serves as a wonderful toy for exploring youngsters who love to learn more about new animals they encounter.


  • CollectA Prehistoric World Pteranodon M Toy Figure explicitly depicts a prehistoric flying animal that soared the clear skies of the earth in its earlier years. 
  • CollectA enlisted the assistance of experts to make sure that they arrive with a figure that captures the anatomy and qualities of each animal in their lineup
  • Made of PVC and coloured with non-toxic acrylic paint 
  • Measures 16cm x 2.5cm
  • Perfect for kids 3 and up

Any dinosaur collection display would be incomplete without the largest known flying reptiles like the CollectA Prehistoric World Pteranodon M Toy Figure.