CollectA Prehistoric World Paralititan Deluxe Dinosaur Figure



Complete your Prehistoric World collection with CollectA’s Paralititan Deluxe Dinosaur Figure that features one of the largest dinosaurs ever to walk the earth. 

Dubbed the “tidal giant” because of its discovery in the Egyptian coastal formations, the Paralititan is among the biggest of all prehistoric giants. According to paleontologists, this titan grows up to 85 feet in height, which makes it the second-largest creature ever to live.

Under the watchful eye of world-renowned archeologist Anthony Beeson, CollectA recreates the Paralititan in factually accurate details. One close observation you can see the wrinkled, bumpy hide and the thrashing tail of this herbivorous giant. This collectible is also sized at a 1:60 scale, making it easy to manipulate and perfect for young dino fans. 


  • CollectA Prehistoric World Paralititan Deluxe Dinosaur Figure is true to life and ultra-detailed with small bumps on its greyish red skin.
  • Hand sculpted and painted under the supervision of scientists respected in their field.
  • Large 1:60 scale model measures 10”L x 4”H
  • Made of durable and non-toxic materials that are phthalate-free, lead-free
  • Recommended for kids ages 3 years and up 

Considered the giant of giants, the Paralititan Deluxe Dinosaur is an exciting toy figure from CollectA that deserves a place in your child’s dino display or toy box.