CollectA Prehistoric World Pachycephalosaurus M



CollectA Prehistoric World Pachycephalosaurus M showcases a striking figure of a thick-headed, spiky dinosaur, that will surely enhance an already wonderful collection.

Experts categorize Pachycephalosaurus as herbivores, although the formation of their teeth may suggest that they also had a little meat in their diets. Scientists also argued on their way of combat, such as whether they headbutt or flank-butt with the enemies. There’s a lot more to learn about Pachycephalosaurus, and the kids might want to conduct their science investigation as they play with this impressive toy figure.

CollectA’s Pachycephalosaurus enlisted the help of many experts to come up with the closest representation of the prehistoric animal. It’s crucial to depict these creatures accurately, so their figures can also be used for educational exhibits, science displays, and as a toy, children can both play and examine.


  • CollectA Prehistoric World Pachycephalosaurus M brings another beautiful dinosaur to add in an already brilliant collection
  • Perfect for teachers and professors who would like to make use of scientifically accurate toys in their biology class
  • Introduce your kids to the prehistoric era by getting this figure along with other dinosaur pieces from the CollectA lineup
  • PVC-made, 100% non-toxic and kid-friendly
  • Perfect for kids 3 and up

Let the spiky CollectA Pachycephalosaurus toy figure adorn a bit of prehistory intimidation into your roster.