CollectA Prehistoric World Herrerasaurus M Toy Figure



CollectA Herrerasaurus showcases the prehistoric animal’s ferocity making it a great addition to a collection of Triassic creatures. 

The Herrerasaurus exposes long powerful hind legs intentionally used for sprinting, while its short forelimbs sports three recurved claws for grasping and raking. Its lower jaw has large teeth cured inwards. It may be smaller than our favorite dinosaurs as it only grows to about 3 meters, but it still boasts an terrifying presence. Such intimidation is present in this magnificent lifelike representation of the said prehistoric reptile.

CollectA’s model of the Herrerasaurus shows the exact features of the extinct animal, making it a perfect tool for learning as well as entertainment and fun. The replica comes top-notch standard in both sculpture and painting. Thus, making it suitable for dioramas, exhibits, and other display projects.


  • CollectA Prehistoric World Herrerasaurus medium dinosaur figure showcases another riveting piece from the educative lineup of factually accurate toys.
  • Created under the supervision of experts, who extended their knowledge to encapsulate the build and characteristics of these extinct animals
  • Opens a perfect opportunity to get your kids to learn more about the Jurassic era as they spend more time playing with this fantastic toy
  • Entire body of the figure made only of safe, non-toxic elements
  • Dimensions: 12cm x 5.5cm
  • For kids 3 and up

The CollectA Prehistoric World Herrerasaurus shows a scaled lifelike jaw with serrated teeth, ready to bite its way through a dino enthusiast’s collection.