CollectA Prehistoric World Fukuiraptor Toy Figure



CollectA Fukuiraptor Toy Figure will have your child enter the prehistoric world where dinosaurs roamed the lands before they grew extinct.

Living around millions of years ago, the Fukuiraptor is a carnivorous dinosaur that resided in the Early Cretaceous epoch. They lived in a territorial habitat which is now mapped as the Nagano and Fukui Prefecture in Japan.

CollectA brilliantly remakes the Fukuiraptor and accurately crafts it two back legs with three toes having sharp talons to the ends in an overall 1:40 scale. As an intermediate-sized bipedal,¬† a Fukiraptor’s long tail helps it balance its walk. The replica also shows off its blade-like teeth for tearing the flesh of its prey.


  • Brilliantly crafted in a 1:40 scale with the help of dinosaur experts and enthusiasts
  • Hand-painted to perfection to bring out the naturalistic colored body with dull orange stripes, maroon brow horns, and pale underside
  • Durably made with high-grade and safe materials
  • A splendid education tool for kids as they get to know different dinosaurs of the past
  • Great for hours of imaginative play and decor
  • Part of the Prehistoric World collection along with other well-loved dinosaurs
  • Dimensions: 14.7cm x 6.8cm
  • Loved by kids and adults ages 3 and up!

Take a peek of the land before time and add the CollectA Prehistoric World Fukuiraptor Toy Figure in your dinosaur world collection!