CollectA Prehistoric World Daeodon Toy Figure



CollectA Prehistoric World Daeodon is a¬†toy figure of an extinct mammal, so unique that it makes an intriguing piece in your kid’s collection.

The Daeodon has a novel characteristic. Their vertebrae structure and size may seem like that of a bison and white rhinoceros. However, as an entelodont, a race that only existed millions of years ago, it bore dreadful teeth, hence its name.

Scientists and researchers found enough fossil remains of the animal, which led to successful image restoration. CollectA used the data to create a scientifically-accurate depiction of the Daeodon. Due to this, it is ready for exhibits and science displays. Your kid would love to have this unique piece in their toy collection as well.


  • CollectA Prehistoric World Daeodon Toy Figure is perfect for project displays, science exhibits, and as an exciting toy for kids.
  • Children learn more about animals as they play with their figures and grow curiosity about them.
  • Let your child break boundaries as they continue to search for unique animals they haven’t seen before. This figure of the unique Daeodon serves as a motivation to learn more.
  • Created with fine, non-toxic materials
  • Dimensions: 15.7cm x 9.5cm
  • Perfect for children aged 3 and up

CollectA Prehistoric World Daeodon Toy Figure appears so unique, it makes a wonderful addition to your child’s collection of animal figures.