CollectA Prehistoric World Brontosaurus Dinosaur Figure



CollectA Prehistoric World Brontosaurus Toy Figure is a dinosaur that only eats plants.

Believed to have lived approximately 150 years ago, the Brontosaurus is a herbivorous dinosaur that existed during the Jurassic period. Paleontologists claim the Brontosaurus has a lifespan of over 100 years. Othniel Charles Marsh first discovered this sauropod dinosaur’s fossils sometime in 1879. When it comes to length, the Brontosaurus could reach up to 72 ft in height. It has a long neck, small head, bulky body, and long tails. 

As one of the leading animal replica toymakers in the world, CollectA is proud to present another fantastic creature to its Prehistoric World Collection – something that both adults and children will enjoy. Each figure is handcrafted and carefully sculpted in collaboration with top paleontologists and artists in the country for a uniquely realistic finish. 


  • The CollectA Prehistoric World Brontosaurs Toy Figure is another perfect addition to your dinosaur collection. 
  • Aside from placing on display, this toy figure is a great learning tool for your children. 
  • It is made from non-toxic and high-quality PVC materials. 
  • Product dimension is 30.4cm x 10.6cm.
  • Suitable for children aged three (3) years old and above. 

Complete your Jurassic world collection with CollectA Prehistoric World Brontosaurus Dinosaur Figure.