CollectA Prehistoric World Borealopelta Dinosaur Figure



The CollectA Prehistoric World Borealopelta Toy Figure provides awareness and realistic play for both children and adults. 

Believed to have existed during the Lower Cretaceous era, the name Borealopelta means Northern Shield. It is characterised by a reddish-brown heavily-armoured physique, perfect for camouflaging. It also has elongated spines like bull horns. What makes the Borealopelta remarkable is the fact that its dinosaur fossil is among the best-preserved fossils ever discovered. 

As one of the leading toy makers in the world, CollectA makes sure that great details are covered to provide realism and represent scenarios during imaginative play. Scale figures are carefully handcrafted and painted using top of the line materials. CollectA works with renowned palaeontologists and experts to provide a unique finish. 


  • Borealopelta Dinosaur was among the best-preserved fossils ever discovered.
  • Awaken your child’s creative mind without the need of more extended screen or gadget time.
  • It is made with high-quality PVC and non-toxic materials.
  • Product dimension is 15cm x 4.5cm
  • Suitable for children ages three (3) years old upwards. 

Create a fun way to learn about animals and history with CollectA Prehistoric World The Age of Dinosaurs Borealopelta Toy Figure.