CollectA Prehistoric World Achelousaurus Toy Figure



CollectA Prehistoric World Achelousaurus shows another realistic animal figure that would make a good addition to a collection

The Achelousaurus is a relative of the triceratops. These dinosaurs have huge skulls, a pair of the horn, and a beak-like snout. Compared to other related genera, the Achelousaurus have lumpy nose due to the bone formation on this part of their head.

According to the findings, the skull alone measures around 1.62 meters. Also, with shorter limbs, experts deduced that the Achelosaurus is a quadrupedal animal with the possibility of being a slow-mover. All these characteristics appear in the restoration and as well as in this toy figure from CollectA.


  • CollectA Prehistoric World Achelousaurus Toy Figure is a perfect alternative to triceratops due to almost having the same shape with the widely-known dinosaur
  • Paleontologist-approved, with characteristics based on experts findings after carefully studying fossil evidence
  • Made with high-quality and safe materials, this toy is resilient to damages coming from frequent drops and mishandling
  • Measures 15cm x 6cm
  • Perfect for children aged 3 and up

Add this CollectA Prehistoric World Achelousaurus Toy Figure to your kid’s collection to further enhance their already exciting lineup of dinosaur figures.