CollectA Prehistori World Amargasaurus Dinosaur Figure



CollectA Prehistoric World Amargasaurus brings forth a figure of a spiny dinosaur, a beautiful sight that would look good in your child’s collection.

The Amargasaurus is a small sauropod with a barrel-shaped body and column-like legs. With its built, the dinosaur walks in all-fours and is a slow-walking animal. Regardless, everyone would love to see the Amargasaurus’ attractive row of long spines that run from its neck to its back.

Created with the help of experts, who based on fossil evidence and research, CollectA dinosaur figures are scientifically-accurate and reliable. As such, these toys are suitable for use in project displays, make-believe habitats, and as learning materials for children.


  • CollectA Prehistoric World Amargasaurus L toy figure is a paleontologist-approved piece of learning material
  • Introduce children to the amazing Prehistoric era with the Amargasaurus dinosaur figure and other pieces from the CollectA lineup
  • Constructed with PVC and hand-painted with 100% safe acrylic paint
  • Dimensions: 16.5cm x 5cm
  • Suitable for children 3 and up

This spiny CollectA Prehistoric World Amargasaurus L figure is a wonderful and colourful addition to your children’s toy lineup.