CollectA Oceans and Ice Sperm Whale Toy Figure



CollectA Oceans & Ice Sperm Whale is a toy figure of an animal species that has the most massive brain known to humankind.

With a brain weighing an average of almost 8 kilograms, the Sperm Whale is known to have the largest brain known to both extinct and modern animals. The Sperm Whale brain has an 8,000 cm volume and is more than five times heavier than that of a human’s. Around four centuries ago, sperm whales where much hunted until they were nearly extinct. Whaling for commercial use was banned 30 years ago, but due to pollution, sperm whales are among the most vulnerable sea creatures. 

As one of the leading animal replica toymakers in the world, CollectA continually produces high-quality figures in collaboration with animal experts and top artists in the country. These miniature replicas are perfect for collecting and for use in learning institutions to promote animal awareness and environmental consciousness. 


  • Display, play and learn with your kids using CollectA Oceans & Ice Sperm Whale toy figure. 
  • Let your child learn about environmental protection while playing. 
  • It is made with top quality PVC and non-toxic materials.
  • Product dimension is 23.8cm x 5.7cm.
  • Suitable for little children aged three (3) years old and above.

Promote awareness of vulnerable species while having fun with CollectA Oceans and Ice Sperm Whale Toy Figure.