CollectA Ocean and Ice Zebra Shark Toy Figure



CollectA’s Ocean and Ice Zebra Shark enchants your child’s collection with a life-like representation of deep-sea creature.

The Zebra Shark is a rare sight as it spends most of the day on the seafloor. While awake, it frequents sandy flats and coral reefs hoping to find molluscs, bony fishes, sea snakes, and some crustaceans for food. They are innocuous to humans and live long, even in captivity.

Zebra Sharks and other carpet sharks are in the list of the world’s endangered species, due to commercial fishing and destruction of their habitat. This CollectA figure will open the young ones’ mind about the vulnerable species that need humanity’s protection.¬†


  • CollectA Ocean and Ice Zebra Shark Toy Figure is a unique-looking animal figure that would look perfect in your child’s toy collection.
  • Scientifically-accurate animal depictions that would make great display pieces for science projects and pretend-habitats
  • Playing with this exact image of the Zebra Shark would raise kids’ curiosity about the endangered animal and help them become aware of other environmental problems that need real and lasting solutions.
  • Created with PVC material and other safe, non-toxic attributes
  • Resilient toy that can withstand falls and mishandling
  • Dimensions: 11.7cm x 2.5 cm
  • Suitable for kids 3 and up

CollectA Ocean and Ice Zebra Shark Toy Figure would sink its way through your kid’s collection because of its uniqueness and likeness to its real-life counterpart.