CollectA Ocean and Ice Shark Ray Bowmouth Guitarfish Toy Figure



Explore the deep waters with the Shark Ray Bowmouth Guitarfish Toy Figure from CollectA.

Known in many names such as the Bowmouth Guitarfish, Mud Skate, bowmouth guitarfish, or Rhina Ancylostoma, the Shark Ray has a highly distinctive appearance with its thick body with a rounded snout and massive shark-like dorsal and tail fins. The shark ray is usually found near the seafloor as it prefers muddy areas and feeds on bony fishes, crustaceans, and mollusks.

CollectA brings you a bowmouth guitarfish replica with its unique pattern of white spots over its grey skin with black marking on its pectoral fins. Children get to play with creatures under the sea, which they don’t usually see as each piece is individually hand-crafted to mimic its live counterpart.


  • The CollectA Oceans & Ice Shark Ray (Bowmouth Guitarfish) Toy Figure is carefully detailed and accurately sculpted to represent the actual features of the Rhina Ancylostoma
  • Precisely hand-painted in a gray coat with white spots and clean black lines for its fins
  • Helps kids get to know marine animals which they don’t normally see
  • Best bought together with other creatures from the CollectA Oceans & Ice collection such as dolphins, sharks, whales, and more
  • Dimensions: 14.7cm x 5cm
  • Designed for ocean lovers ages 3 and up

Complete your child’s miniature ocean set with the CollectA Ocean and Ice Shark Ray Bowmouth Guitarfish Toy Figure.