CollectA Ocean and Ice Rockhopper Penguin Toy Figure



Step into the Polar Regions of penguins and let your kids build their very own Artic set with the Rockhopper Penguin Toy Figure from CollectA.

Even though it is the smallest penguin species, the Rockhopper is easy to notice with its bright feathers jutting out of its head. The Rockhopper figurine perfectly captures its black and yellow feathery crest, bright red-orange bill, and red eyes. Each toy is painted to perfection as it brings the colours of this Arctic penguin to life.

As depicted in the famous movie Madagascar, a Rockhopper spends most of its time on rocks. With the penguin animal figure, you can create a miniature world and behold the icy region’s flightless bird. Each piece is artfully sculpted and helps raise awareness of the world’s beloved but endangered species.


  • Beautifully sculpted to perfection with the help of animal experts all around the globe
  • Hand-painted with so much attention to detail to boost children’s imagination and creativity
  • Safe and made with quality non-toxic materials
  • Excellent to use as a teaching tool to the world’s endangered species
  • An exceptional addition to collectors, penguin enthusiast, or home decor shelves
  • Best paired with the Gentoo penguin (sold separately)
  • Dimensions: 4cm x 5cm
  • Recommended for children ages 3 and up

Discover the amazing creature from the Polar region with the CollectA Oceans & Ice Rockhopper Penguin Toy Figure!