CollectA Ocean and Ice Pygmy Sperm Whale M



CollectA Pygmy Sperm Whale M showcases the immortalization of a deep-sea creature rare to human sight

Pygmy sperm whales sport a flat head and back, which help them swim around without getting noticed easily. They also have a shark-like snout, although they are known to feed on cephalopods. There’s more to know about these sea creatures, and your kid would develop an interest in finding out more about pygmy sperm whales as they spend more time playing with it.

This representation of the pygmy sperm whale achieved a lifelike form, after enlisting help from whale experts. The anatomy and other vital characteristics are discernible in this toy figure, making it an ideal piece for project displays and biology classes.


  • CollectA Ocean and Ice Pygmy Sperm Whale M is a rare aquatic mammal that would raise awareness about endangered species and environmental issues
  • Introduce your kids to various sea creatures with the pygmy sperm whale and other items from the CollectA Ocean and Ice lineup
  • Constructed with standard materials and 100% non-toxic acrylic paint
  • Dimensions: 15.2cm x 3.8cm
  • Perfect for kids 3 and up

The CollectA Ocean and Ice Pygmy Sperm Whale M+ is another piece to acquire to complete a collection of fantastic sea creatures.