CollectA Ocean and Ice Manatee Calf Swimming M



The CollectA Ocean and Ice Manatee Calf toy features a lifelike figure of a cute sea dweller that will surely catch the interest of children.

Manatees are slow aquatic plant-eaters, which is why some people call them sea cows. These harmless mammals sleep submerged and reach the surface for air every 20 minutes if they’re awake. Their intelligence is comparable to that of the dolphin in terms of demonstrating discrimination and other task-learning abilities, as shown in acoustic and visual studies.

Your kids will learn more of these as they spend more hours playing with the scientifically accurate depiction of the manatee. Sporting a clean and detailed look, it also makes a perfect project display piece, particularly in a miniature aquatic pretend-habitat.


  • CollectA Ocean and Ice Manatee Calf Swimming brings us an exact image of a loveable sea dweller that will fit in a collection of aquatic creatures.
  • Introduce your kids to the wonderful world of the sea with this Manatee Calf toy and other animal figures in the Ocean and Ice catalog of CollectA
  • Portraits an exact image of the manatee with the excellent sculpture work and hand-painting
  • Made with PVC and other safe materials
  • Dimensions: 10.5cm x 7cm
  • Perfect for kids 3 and up

Gift your kids the CollectA Ocean and Ice Manatee Calf Swimming M for their enrichment and to further expand their fantastic animal collection