CollectA Ocean and Ice Loggerhead Turtle Toy Figure



Take a plunge with CollectA Oceans and Ice toy figure and let this Loggerhead Turtle show your child the wonders of the ocean world.

The Loggerhead Sea Turtle is named from a big log because of its oversized head. It has been on earth for 110 million years and is known for its powerful jaws that are capable of consuming horseshoe crabs, conchs, and other hard-shelled creatures. Female loggerheads are even more incredible for they can travel over 12,000 km back to the beach where they hatched their eggs.

Under the supervision of experts, this incredible reptile with its large, reddish-brown hardshell and yellow underbelly, is meticulously sculpted and painted to perfection. CollectA highlights the loggerhead’s unique qualities in its toy model recommended for show-and-tell activity for young kids. This enjoyable toy figure is not only an excellent collector’s item but also an educational tool for introducing ocean life conservation and animal awareness.


  • CollectA Oceans and Ice Loggerhead Turtle toy figure is a realistic representation of this incredible sea creature
  • Sculpted and hand-painted to perfection to boost children’s imagination of the natural world
  • Made from carefully selected materials to ensure durability and safety especially for very young children
  • Excellent addition for reptile enthusiasts, as a home decoration and an educational visual material for kids
  • Dimensions: 7cm x 1cm
  • Suitable for children ages 3 years and up

Don’t miss this incredible CollectA Oceans and Ice Loggerhead Turtle and pair it with your other Oceans and Ice collectible from CollectA!