CollectA Ocean and Ice Emperor Penguin Toy Figure



Happy Feet movie fans will love this lifelike Emperor Penguin toy figure from CollectA’s Oceans and Ice collection.

Emperor penguins are an incredible species of penguins. They are the largest kind of penguins standing in 1.15 m tall and the only animal to inhabit Antarctica during the winter. Male emperor penguins can withstand the Antarctic winds as cold as -60°C (-76°F) for more than two months. They can endure such temperature to protect their eggs from extreme cold. 

Young kids have become instant fans of penguins from watching movies with them as stars. CollectA showcases its scaly feathers, strong flippers and tall stature in a true-to-life, scaled-down figurine. CollectA Oceans and Ice Emperor Penguin toy figure will make excellent memorabilia of this bubbly character! 


  • CollectA Oceans and Ice Emperor Penguin toy figure is a truthful representation of this Antarctic penguin perfect in building a natural polar pretend-habitat.
  • Ideal tool for educational purposes such as environmental consciousness, animal conservation and protection
  • Sculpted and hand-painted in precision to its real-life counterpart
  • Made from carefully chosen, finest and toxic-free materials
  • Dimension: 3cm x 5.5cm
  • Suitable for children ages 3 years and up

Liven up your kid’s growing collection with this impressive Emperor Penguin figurine from CollectA Oceans and Ice collection!