CollectA Little Wonders Rhinoceros Beetle Toy Figure



CollectA Little Wonders Rhinoceros Beetle showcases a realistic figure of an utterly harmless insect despite its size and strength.

Rhinoceros Beetles have the same body as other beetles, only that it is larger, and it has a huge horn pointing upward. They wear various colours such as black, red, brown, and more. However, Collecta’s depiction presents a reddish-brown Rhinoceros beetle with a single horn that diverges at the end to form a U shape.

With the knowledge of experts, CollectA was able to get enough realistic info to come up with every realistic figure in their collection. Due to this, their animal toys serve as great pieces for project displays and toys for children.


  • CollectA Little Wonders Rhinoceros Beetle Toy Figure is a great addition to your kids’ collection of insert figures
  • Let your children explore about beetles, its different types and other insects by letting them play with the Rhinoceros Beetle toy and other pieces from the Little Wonders line up
  • Factually-accurate, so kids see the exact appearance of the subject animal for higher-quality of learning
  • Created with high-quality PVC and non-toxic materials
  • Dimensions: 6cm x 3.5cm
  • Perfect for kids 3 and up

If your kids start to grow fond of insects, now’s the time to add the CollectA Little Wonders Rhinoceros Beetle Toy Figure in their ever-growing toy collection!