CollectA Little Wonders Praying Mantis Toy Figure



Known for being the master of disguise, the CollectA Little Wonders Praying Mantis Toy Figure replicates the famous insect camouflaging on the plants. 

CollectA’s insect figure accurately captures the mantis with its triangle-shaped head and long neck attached to its leaf-like body. Its long front legs with rows of sharp spines are also replicated in great detail as these are used to catching and gripping their prey. They consume almost all kinds of insects, including crickets and grasshoppers. 

A praying mantis’ bulging eyes can see in 3D with each eye having a fovea that focuses and tracks with acuity. Mantids can also turn their heads at 180 degrees as they scan an area to locate their next meal. 


  • Crafted with the help of experts around the globe to ensure that this insect model is dimensionally and structurally accurate
  • Hand-painted with great precision with only the fine and safe materials to represent the plant-like color of mantids as they blend in vegetation
  • Aids children with insect familiarity and pretend habitat scenes
  • Part of an awesome insect collection of spiders, centipedes, beetles, butterflies, and more
  • Dimensions: 10.4cm x 9.5cm
  • Suitable for kids ages 3 and up

Get your child his or her version of Master Mantis with the CollectA Little Wonders Praying Mantis Toy Figure! Only this actual model doesn’t seem to know Kung Fu.