CollectA Little Wonders Monarch Butterfly Figure



CollectA Little Wonders Monarch Butterfly Figure depicts a life-like image of North America’s most iconic butterfly.

One can easily recognize a Monarch Butterfly due to its orange and black colour with white patterns. The dark veins are more dominant in female monarchs, whereas male monarchs have a lighter colour with an androconium spot at the centre of each hind wing. Whether the toy figure is a male or female monarch butterfly, let the kids discover for their learning.

Apart from farm, wild, and ocean animals, CollectA also brings our kids with Little Wonders, a lineup of figures representing some tiny animals. They are surprisingly life-like, thus, worthy of being in a fancy display shelf for kids to check or play with, from time to time.


  • CollectA Little Wonders Monarch Butterfly Figure is a representation of a beautiful milkweed butterfly, a piece that belongs to your kids’ insect toy collection or a make-believe garden.
  • Let children familiarize themselves with tiny animals by adding the Monarch Butterfly figure and other pieces from the Little Wonders roster. 
  • True to life with every part having defined details and accurate colour
  • Constructed with PVC and handpainted with 100% safe acrylic
  • Dimensions: 5.5cm x 6.5cm
  • For kids 3 and up

Help your child create a fantastic butterfly garden with colourful variants by adding the CollectA Little Wonders Monarch Butterfly Figure into their collection!