CollectA Little Wonders Ladybird M



CollectA Little Wonders Ladybird M depicts the ladybird beetle. It is so lifelike that you won’t be able to distinguish the toy from the real one unless it started to move.

Ladybirds have red wings and some black and white spots. It closely resembles the ladybug because they are the same insect. Kids would be astounded to hear this that they might investigate more about the background of the beautiful insect.

CollectA successfully creates a true to life ladybird figure with excellent carving and detailed hand-painting. Little ones learn more about the ladybird without having to see or touch the real insect. 


  • CollectA Little Wonders Ladybird M brings a lifelike representation of the beautiful bag that protects the garden from pests. Kids will discover how as they play and learn more about ladybugs.
  • Introduce your kids with beneficial insects like the ladybugs, and other Little Wonders from the CollectA roster
  • Showcases excellent craftsmanship from the way it was sculptured to its hand-painting quality
  • Constructed with 100% safe and non-toxic materials
  • Dimensions: 5.5 cm x 2.5 cm
  • Perfect for kids 3 and up

Kids fascinated with insects would love to have the CollectA Little Wonders Ladybird Mas the center of the attraction in their collection.