CollectA Horse Country Unicorn Stallion Blue Toy Figure



CollectA Horse Country Magical Unicorn Stallion Blue will bring joy, love, and purity to your youngster.

In mythological tales, anybody who touches a unicorn will find unending happiness while he lives. During the Middle Ages, these stunning creatures were characterized as symbols of love and grace. In CollectA’s take of the charming horned horses, Celtic Knot patterns in the torso visually represent the eternal connection of life and nature. On the leg is another pattern referred to as the Sailor’s Knot, the symbol of harmony and affection. 

As one of the leading makers of miniature animals in the world, CollectA products are carefully handcrafted when it comes to sculpture, design, and paint in partnership with top experts and renowned artists in the country. The company aims to continually provide a tiny world with the most realistic figures. These miniature replicas are brilliant tools for role-playing and collecting. 


  • The CollectA Horse COuntry Magical Horses are perfect resources for learning and awareness. 
  • Entertain your children with how realistic the figures are. 
  • Made with top quality PVC and non-toxic materials.
  • Product dimension is 17.1cm x 11.6cm
  • Suitable for little children aged 3 years old and above. 

Encourage world play and creativity with the CollectA Horse Country Magical Horses Unicorn Stallion Blue Toy Figure