CollectA Horse Country Unicorn Foal Rearing Pink Toy Figure



Give into the magic and decorate your kid’s playset with the enchanting CollectA Horse Country Pink Unicorn Foal Rearing Toy Figure.

According to the Middle Ages and Renaissance texts, unicorns are extremely wild, woodland creatures that are so hard to find. These beings are a symbol of purity, grace, and enchantment. It is believed that they only appear to the rare few who have magical abilities and are of a pure heart. 

CollectA brings unicorns to life as accurately as possible with its horse-like appearance, a mane and tail of translucent silver and a single large, pointed, spiralling horn on its forehead. The replica also has a Triskelion symbol on its fur. These three conjoined spirals represent the family as mother-father-child, eternity as life-death-rebirth and past-present-future.


  • Faithfully captured every famous writer’s description of the unicorn in a one of a kind replica
  • Artfully hand-painted to bring out the magical features of the unicorn with its translucent fur and painted it in a white and blue glossy colour
  • Made with high quality, rigorously tested, and safe materials
  • Encourages creative play and sparks curiosity of a world beyond our own
  • Excellent gift idea or decor along with other CollectA Horse Country Collection
  • Best bought together with Blue Unicorn Stallion, Pink Unicorn Mare, Blue Unicorn Foal Toy (Sold separately)
  • Dimensions: 7.2cm x 11.7cm
  • Recommended for children ages 3 and up

Step into the magical world of magical beasts and creatures and get the CollectA Horse Country Pink Unicorn Foal Rearing Toy Figure!