CollectA Horse Country Shire Horse Foal Black Toy Figure



CollectA Horse Country Shire Horse Foal Black toy figure¬†is a grand addition piece for your child’s collection.

This Shire Horse Foal figure emanates a glowing charm that consistently captures anyone’s attention. With superb sculpture and hand-painting endeavours, CollectA was able to improve its beauty, and this is apparent from the strands of mane to the alluring feathering of the Shire foal’s legs.

Sadly, this horse breed is nearing its extinction as the rapid decline of their population over the years advances. Adding this figure to your child’s collection would open their eyes to environmental concerns and knowledge of endangered species like the Shire horse.


  • CollectA Horse Country Shire Horse Foal Black brings a superb piece with astonishing details to your child’s toy collection.
  • Suitable for project displays, dioramas and as an enriching toy for kids
  • Let the young ones recognise more horse breeds, animal species, including endangered creatures that need humanity’s protection
  • Sculptured to perfection, finely-scaled and hand-painted seamlessly under the supervision of an expert equestrian sculptor
  • Created with PVC plastic and other 100% safe, kid-friendly materials
  • Dimensions: 10.5cm x 9.5 cm
  • Perfect for kids aged 3+

Shire horses shine out of a group of horses, and the CollectA Horse Country Shire Horse Foal Black toy figure will surely do the same in your kids’ current animal figure collection.