CollectA Horse Country Percheron Mare Grey XL



CollectA Horse Country Percheron Mare Grey XL showcases an exemplary depiction of this beautiful breed that will shine in any collection.

Percherons are intelligent horses, which makes them suitable for parades and sleigh rides. They sport a muscular body, which helps them pull carriages and barrels. Your kids would love to have them in a fabulous make-believe setting or an imaginative role-playing game.

CollectA’s goal is to build a natural world full of high-quality miniature figures, with flawless execution to meet that of its real-life counterpart appearance. The Percheron Mare received the same amount of crafting expertise and hand-painting care to achieve the best results possible.


  • CollectA Horse Country Percheron Mare Grey XL toy figure has a radiating beauty that works excellent in exhibits, pretend habitats, and as shelf decor.
  • Kids will love the magical aura emanating from this figure and might mistake it for a mythical animal. But don’t worry as they will discover soon about the Percheron mare as they spend more time with this fun and educational toy.
  • Further your kids’ knowledge about horse breeds and other animals you can get from the CollectA lineup
  • Made of standard materials to ensure high-quality and best appearance
  • Completely free from harmful elements for 100% safe playtime
  • Approximate dimensions: 17.5 x 4.5 x 11.5cm
  • For ages 3 and up

A collection won’t be complete without the presence of a beautiful mare. Add this irresistible CollectA Horse Country Percheron Mare Grey XL in an already magnificent lineup of toys, and you won’t regret it.