CollectA Horse Country Hanoverian Foal Bay M



CollectA Hanoverian Foal is a beautiful toy figure of the warmblood German horse breed, making it a great addition to any miniature horse collection.

Originating from Germany, the Hanoverian horse is often seen in English riding style competitions and even in the Olympics. The Hanoverian horse was explicitly bred for years and having it evolve to suit the people’s need for a more agile and lighter horse. 

CollectA Hanoverian Foal Bay M features the highest quality in both sculpture and bay paint finish. It is specially made in a way that makes them factually accurate and incredibly lifelike. The replica provides an excellent addition not only to a set of horse collections but also in dioramas and other display projects.


  • CollectA Hanoverian Foal Bay M showcases a younger version of a brave Hanoverians who holds a promising future as your kids.
  • Features high-quality craftsmanship and hand-painting, which were all done under the supervision of experts, particularly equestrian sculptor Deborah McDermott, in the area of horse breed toy figure production.
  • Your kids enjoy an imaginative role-playing game with the Hanoverian foal and slowly become more interested in the story of their new friend, which inspires the learning process
  • Made of 100% non-toxic PVC and acrylic painting
  • Approx: 10 x 2.5 x 8.5cm
  • For kids 3 and above

The CollectA Hanoverian Foal Bay M works perfectly as displays and as a kid’s new friend, so why not add it as an extension to an already fantastic toy collection?