CollectA Horse Country Hanoverian Chestnut XL



CollectA Horse Country Hanoverian Chestnut XL model showcases vigor and security, a fascinating extension to a roundup of toy figures.

The excellent representation of this Hanoverian Stallion from CollectA highlights the colt’s sturdy and stalwart physique, some distinguished qualities of this true Hanoverians. A perfect keepsake as well as a toy for both kids and adults who admire athletic strength and prowess.

This German horse breed miniature boasts a robust, sturdy built, which made it win the Olympic gold medal three times as of this writing. Constructed only with high-quality materials and under the supervision of equestrian Deborah McDermott, this animal replica from CollectA accurately manifests the essential character of its real-life counterpart.


  • CollectA Hanoverian Stallion Chestnut XL makes a classic desk display on its own, and a complementing piece in a line up of miniature statues.
  • The replica signifies majestic strength, an exemplary token for those who are fond of symbols with an artistic sense.
  • Help kids learn more about horse breeds with this creative copy that bears the same image as the Hanoverian Stallion.
  • A sturdy toy that can endure frequent drops so that children can enjoy more role-playing games with this item.
  • Made from PVC and non-toxic acrylic paints, making it a safe toy for kids.
  • Dimensions: 14.5 x 4 x 12cm 
  • For ages 3 years and up

The CollectA Horse Country Hanoverian Chestnut XL is a grand toy figure worthy of being part of a collection.