CollectA Horse Country Friesian Stallion XL



CollectA Friesian Stallion horse figure provides a truthful representation of the horse breed both in its gracefulness and strength.

Originating from Friesland, the Friesian Stallion is known for its high stepping gaits and muscular frame, making it a perfect symbol for power and strength. Moreover, the middle ages summoned many of these horses as knights bring them into battle. Because of their enormous size and overwhelming strength, they were able to carry warriors in full armour with ease. 

The figure showcases the Friesian horse breed with a jet black finish, which is the colour Friesian Stallions are popular for. It features the highest quality through its precise sculpting and realistic paint finish. It is specially designed for both learning and entertainment, not only for children but for all age groups.


  • CollectA Friesian Stallion XL lets your kids learn more about famous horses and their role in medieval times.
  • The replica makes a perfect piece for educational purposes, project displays, and fun toys for kids three and up!
  • Carefully sculptured and hand-painted to bring out an accurate depiction of the Friesian Stallion
  • A sturdy display piece that can endure rough handling and frequent drops
  • Made of 100% non-toxic material
  • Approximately 12.5 × 15.5 cm

Feel the power and strength of this chevalier horse as it strides its way to your collection. Find more impressive pieces of horse breeds in the CollectA lineup!