CollectA Horse Country Fjord Stallion Grey XL



CollectA Horse Country Fjord Stallion Grey XL brandishes a tough, realistic horse, perfect for a growing collection of stallion breeds.

Fjord Stallions are typically heavy-duty helpers. Farmers bring them to plow fields, pull timber, and as a means of transporting goods and people. Despite this nature, this horse breed runs a decent speed, making them good riding horses. The strong presence of the Fjord Stallion is evident in this replica, with its sturdiness further enhanced by the grey colour.

The CollectA figure also exhibits perfect scaling and complete details of its outer physique, thanks to the guidance of equestrian sculptor Deborah McDermott. Educators would love how it’s scientifically accurate, that they could use it for biology classes and project exhibits.


  • CollectA Horse Country Fjord Stallion Grey XL makes a perfect tool for educating students and for kids’ self-learning
  • Introduce different horse varieties by purchasing this Fjord Stallion replica and other horse breed figures from the CollectA Horse Country lineup
  • Built with PVC and other safe materials
  • Hand-painted with non-toxic acrylic
  • Dimension: 10.5cm x 11 cm
  • For kids 3 and up

The Fjord Stallion breed miniature, as well as other pieces in the CollectA Horse Country roster, make great additions to any animal figure collection