CollectA Horse Country Fjord Stallion Brown Dun XL



CollectA Horse Country Fjord Stallion faultlessly showcases the image of the powerful Fjord Stallion in Brown Dun colour.

Known for its strength and reliability, farmers love to take Fjord Stallions to help them plough fields and move carriages. They sport a bulky and muscular figure due to their role in agriculture, but that doesn’t stop them from giving anyone a good horse ride. Such qualities are surprisingly present in CollectA’s immortalization of this functional horse.

With great craftsmanship and hand-painting, everyone can enjoy this lifelike figure as a perfect project display piece and as a fun toy for kids’ learning. The anatomy of each horse breed, including the important physical qualities, were considered to create a factually accurate figure.


  • CollectA Horse Country Fjord Stallion Brown Dun XL features a realistic figure that serves as a good piece for pretend-habitats or as a fun, educative toy for children
  • Let your kids learn more about horse breeds as they spend more time with the Fjord Stallion figure and other pieces from the CollectA roster
  • Constructed with reliable PVC materials and non-toxic acrylic paint
  • Dimensions: 10.5cm X 11cm
  • Perfect for children 3 and up

Being a hardworking horse breed, the CollectA Horse Country Fjord Stallion Brown Dun XL deserves a space in your already magnificent collection.