CollectA Horse Country Curly Foal Toy Figure



Find a whole new love for horses with this adorable Curly Foal Toy Figure from CollectA’s Horse Country!

A Curly Foal is a fascinating horse breed from an ancient pedigree. This breed is best known for its uncanny smooth, silky and curly mane. Their tight curly hair claims to be hypoallergenic, great for horseback riding toddlers and adults who have hair allergies. A descendant to wild horses, Curlies are also great pals for those horseback riding adventures.

CollectA Horse Country Curly Foal replica stays true to the breed’s original features with perfectly round hoofs, eye-catching curly mane, and dashing built. It is excellent in introducing more country animals to young children and future horse enthusiasts. Horse lovers take delight in this particular type of horse for its distinct appearance. 


  • CollectA Horse Country Curly Foal toy figure is a realistic representation of this captivating horse breed.
  • Carved and hand-painted like its original counterpart, perfect for country-loving toy collectors
  • Made from the finest and safest, non-toxic materials and is suitable for everyone
  • Great for educational exhibits and as a fun, learning toy for kids
  • Dimensions: 9cm x 9cm
  • For children ages 3 and up

Take this Curly Foal Toy Figure from CollectA and introduce this charmer to your growing collection!