CollectA Horse Country Black Appaloosa Stallion



CollectA Horse Country Black Appaloosa Stallion will tell your kids about the story of a late bloomer, as the black appaloosa’s beautiful colours and pattern come with age.

A full-grown Black Appaloosa Stallion flaunts an attractive snowflake pattern neath its touch-worthy varnish roan. While young, this horse breed appears like a regular foal without a distinct character. However, everything changed as it continues to gracefully walk the fields and wait for the right time to shine. Such fairytale would be a perfect story for your kids to uncover as their curious minds revolve around the story behind the horse’s uniqueness.

Sporting a factually accurate image, the Black Appaloosa Stallion toy figure gives your kids a reliable depiction of the said horse breed. Constructed under the supervision of equestrian sculptor Deborah McDermott, this CollectA figure brings your kids collection another wonderful piece they would cherish.


  • CollectA Horse Country Black Appaloosa Stallion is perfect for horse-themed displays, small exhibits, and as a fun kids’ toy.
  • Help children distinguish horse breeds through their unique features, much impressed in the highly accurate CollectA figures.
  • Kids learn more about animals, breeds, history, background as they spend more time playing with these educational toys.
  • Made with PVC and safe materials. Phthalate-free, lead-free, no-BPA included.
  • Dimensions: 5.3 L x 4.1 H
  • Suitable for kids aged 3 and up

The beautiful CollectA Horse Country Black Appaloosa Stallion piece would make a great addition to your kids’ toy collection. Check out other horse breeds from the CollectA roster.