CollectA Farm Time Turkey Toy Figure



CollectA Farm Time Turkey Toy Figure will complete your child’s animal farm collection

A farm will not be complete without a Turkey. These beautiful creatures are known for their aggressive nature. They have a long neck, powerful legs and large fan-shaped tail. The tip of the tail is usually chestnut-brown or white. Study shows that the Mayans were the first to domesticate this awesome animal.

CollectA Farm Time Turkey Toy Figure will expand your child’s make-believe playtime stories. It can develop your child’s creativity and imaginative play while having fun learning. This piece makes an amazing addition to a farm-themed setting as a display at home or as part of you your child’s farm animal collection.




  • CollectA Farm Time Turkey is a toy figure made with non-toxic materials for a high-quality appearance
  • Sculptured and hand-painted to perfection for fantastic quality and to make it compatible with other items from the Farm Time lineup
  • Perfect for make-believe, dioramas, animal collection and displays
  • It makes a perfect addition to a farm-themed setting.
  • Measures about 15.4 cm x 4.8 cm
  • Suitable for ages 3 years old and above


Encourage your child’s creativity with imaginative play with the CollectA Farm Time Turkey Toy Figure.