CollectA Farm Time Siamese Cat Stretching Toy Figure



This CollectA toy figure is hard to resist with its intense gaze and playful pose, just like its real-life Siamese Cat counterpart.

The Siamese cat is treasured by royal families in Thailand and is also referred to as a Presidential Cat. Adorable crooked eyes, a sleek figure and a unique coat make the Siamese a prized cat to own. However, their distinctive cream and dark fur do more than making them beautiful. It also has a novel feature that is distinctive only to this breed.

The colour of the Siamese coat is determined by several factors, including genes, temperature and age. Because a cat is colder in the tips of its body, it has a darker colouring in these regions than the rest as seen in this authentic Siamese cat replica by CollectA.


  • CollectA Farm Time Siamese Cat Stretching Toy Figure features the distinct coat of the feline as it stretches and holds its gaze.
  • Hand-painted by expert craftsmen from all over the world to create an authentic miniature of this mysterious cat breed
  • Works perfectly in a collection, project display and as a cute kid’s toy
  • Introduce children to various feline breeds by adding this Siamese Cat figure into their collection, along with other miniatures from the CollectA roster
  • Dimensions: 5.5cm x 5.5cm
  • Ideal for cat lovers ages 3 and up

Round up your young collector’s cat lineup with the CollectA Farm Time Siamese Cat Stretching Toy Figure.