CollectA Farm Time Shih Tzu M Toy Figure



CollectA’s lifelike and realistic Shih Tzu toy figure is ready to melt your heart with its big round eyes and cute facial expression, prominent in this lifelike figure.

While its name means little lion, there is nothing ferocious about this small ball of hair and cuteness. Being adorable is a way of life for these lively charmers, and the amount of effort their owners put into them is apparent in their beautiful, well-groomed coat, which comes in many colours.

The CollectA Shih Tsu M is made with the highest standards and without any dangerous materials making it a safe replica for kids and collectors. CollectA gives a good representation of the dog breed’s loving nature through the figure’s design and expression. It is a perfect addition to any cute dog collection. 


  • CollectA Farm Time Shih Tzu M Toy Figure envelops the lovable cuteness of this small terrier breed, a piece you just can’t ignore!
  • Kids who have not seen or lived with a Shih Tzu would be intrigued to learn more about it upon seeing this figure. Fortunately, the toy showcases the real-life features of the breed so kids can get a factually accurate reference.
  • Made with PVC and painted using non-toxic acrylic paint. Ensures 100% safety for your kids’ leisure and learning
  • Dimensions: 3cm x 2.5cm
  • Perfect for kids ages 3 and up

CollectA Farm Time Shih Tzu M Toy Figure, with its realistic appearance, would charm its way to your heart and your collection.