CollectA Farm Time Schnauzer Toy Figure



CollectA Farm Time Schnauzer Toy Figure elicits memories of simple farm-life and the beauty of man’s best friend. 

Brought to you as a classic piece of CollectA’s farm time suite of toys, this Schnauzer is a much-loved farm dog breed originally bred to flush out rats from their paddock hiding-holes. With this figure, your child can create your very own farm scene that’s complete with the much-loved family pet or even the hard-working Farmdog that keeps your fields free of pests and safe for your livestock and crops. The choice is theirs!

CollectA creates lifelike figurines that are configured with the help of experts. From prehistoric creatures to farm figurines, there is a collection that suits every taste. With this attention to detail, you can be assured that a CollectA collection will last for years of fun and play to come. 


  • CollectA Farm Time Schnauzer is perfect for pretend-barnyards, pastoral-themed displays and as an enriching learning experience for your child about different ways of life. 
  • High-quality and resilient material that can withstand frequent drops and mishandling
  • Suitable for children aged 3 and up

CollectA products are a perfect toy for inquisitive young children that are guided by their own curiosity and imagination, and this Farm Time Schnauzer Figure is no exception. Add it to their collection now!