CollectA Farm Time Rottweiler Puppy Figure



CollectA Farm Time Rottweiler Puppy Figure is sitting patiently, waiting for you and your family to take it home! 

Smart and docile, Rottweilers have long been used to drive and guard over livestock. They make great therapy dogs and police dogs – and are frequently seen in movies and television shows. Rottweilers are also strong, dependable, and protective.

CollectA’s authentic rendition of the Rottweiler puppy shows the breed’s rugged physique. With every detail in realistic representation, it makes a perfect addition to any child’s dog collection.


  • CollectA Farm Time Rottweiler Puppy Figure features the young dog sitting and waiting patiently for its owner.
  • The black and dark brown coat is hand-painted by experts from all over the world to create a realistic miniature
  • Works perfectly in a collection, project display and as a cute kid’s toy
  • Introduce children to various dog breeds by adding this Rottweiler Pup toy figure into their collection, along with other miniatures from the CollectA roster
  • One of the various beautifully sculpted pieces from CollectA’s Cats and Dogs collection
  • Dimensions: 4cm x 3.5cm
  • Ideal for dog lovers ages 3 and up

Your little one deserves to have the CollectA Rottweiler Puppy Toy Figure in their toy box. Get one today!