CollectA Farm Time Piglet Standing Toy Figure



Complete your child’s herd of pigs and add CollectA’s Piglet Standing Toy Figure!

Being one of the most well-loved animals all around the world, it is no wonder why pigs are often a collector’s item. They are adorable in every way with their stocky bodies, flat snouts, small eyes, curly tails, and large ears. CollectA brings this charming young mammal to life with an accurate depiction of its live counterpart.

The CollectA standing piglet replica is beautifully hand-painted in pink and textured to mimic the animal’s short hair. Kids, together with collectors, are sure to love this piece as it tends to stand upright on shelves.


  • The CollectA Farm Time Piglet Standing Toy Figure is crafted with accuracy and fine details as it realistically mimics an actual piglet’s body structure.
  • Skillfully coloured in a light pink and fleshy tone that is often associated with charming piglets
  • A delightful addition to your kid’s farm time collection helping them in animal familiarity while playing
  • Boosts kid’s imagination and an excellent educational tool
  • Available in a sitting and standing position (sold separately)
  • Dimensions: 4cm x 2.5cm
  • Loved by kids ages 3 and up

Huddle more pigs to your growing herd with the CollectA Farm Time Piglet Standing Toy Figure.