CollectA Farm Time Piglet Standing Smelling Toy Figure



CollectA Farm Time Piglet Smelling Toy Figure represents one of the most loved farm animals on the entire planet.

Pigs are dubbed as the first animals to be domesticated to as early as 6,000 years ago. They are animals with stocky bodies with large ears. Their small eyes have poor eyesight, but their flat snouts give them a great sense of smell. This animal figure shows a piglet smelling as they usually use their leathery noses to search for food. 

Beautifully hand-painted in a pinkish and fleshy tone, this figurine has the colour that most pigs have. These cuddly farm animals can also be seen as having reddish-brown, black, and spotted black and white colours. On the other hand, other cultures also believe that having pig replicas attract luck, prosperity, and wealth inside your home. 


  • The CollectA Farm Time Piglet Smelling Toy Figure is crafted with precision and attention to detail as it realistically carves an actual piglet’s body structure.
  • Skillfully coloured in a light pink and fleshy tone that is usually associated with snuggly pet pigs.
  • Improves imagination and helps introduce children to farm animals
  • Great for decor and gifts as it is believed to attract positive energy inside your home
  • Part of a farm collection together with goats, hens, calves, lambs, and more
  • Available in sitting position (sold separately)
  • Dimensions: 5.5cm x 1.8cm
  • Loved by kids ages 3 and up

Complete your growing farm collection and don’t miss the CollectA Farm Time Piglet Smelling Toy Figure.