CollectA Farm Time Piglet Sitting Toy Figure



Peppa, Porky, Piglet are just some of the world’s famous characters based on a very endearing creature, just like this delightful sitting piglet figurine from CollectA. 

Did you know that a pig can also be trained to sit down just like a dog? It has an adorable way of sitting down and is accurately captured on this animal figure. It charmingly sits with their chunky bottom with its hind legs extended and it loves to be around other pigs as well. 

This cute piglet model accurately details the well-loved omnivore with its small eyes, large ears, and flat snout that is said to be very sensitive to touch. Pigs use these leathery snouts to search for vegetables, fruits, or meal leftovers.


  • Masterfully crafted to be as realistic as possible with carves and grooves to represent how a pig’s fur would accurately look.
  • Intricately finished and hand-painted with a light pink and flesh tones that show off a pig’s sweet nature
  • Excellent for educational purposes as pigs are vital creatures around the globe
  • Complete the Farm Life collection along with other homestead creatures
  • Great for decor and gifts as pigs represent humility, hospitality, and hard work
  • Perfect pair for the Farm Time Piglet Smelling Toy Figure (sold separately)
  • Dimensions: 5cm x 2.2cm
  • Suitable for farm lovers ages 3 and up

Add a dose of sweetness to your farm collection and succumb to your pig addiction with the CollectA Farm Time Piglet Sitting Toy Figure.