CollectA Farm Time Peacock Toy Figure



CollectA Farm Time Peacock showcases a beautiful and realistic toy figure of a colourful fowl, which can quickly become a centre of attraction in a display exhibit or a collection.

Peacocks are male peafowls. However, even peahens, which are their female counterparts, are colloquially called peacocks. The male bird has more beautiful plumage of blue and green compared to women. Up to now, scientists still have on-going debates about the purpose of their attractive feathers and why they flaunt it. 

The CollectA Peacock toy figure will include your child in the discussion as they grow curious about the secret behind the bird’s allure. Playing with this realistic toy will stir curiosity among children, which will result in their learning and improvement.


  • CollectA Farm Time Peacock Toy Figure is a beautiful piece that would shine in a collection.
  • Perfect for make-believe habitats, science project displays or as an enriching toy for imaginative role-plays.
  • Created with sturdy PVC so that the beautiful plumage won’t fade easily and the entire figure will be resilient against drops and mishandling
  • Dimensions: 7cm x 8cm
  • For kids 3 and up

Looking for a spectacular piece that would make your kid’s collection shine? Look no further than this CollectA Farm Time Peacock Toy Figure.