CollectA Farm Time Neovenator Toy Figure



CollectA Prehistoric World Neovenator figure is the ultimate addition to a lineup of mighty apex predators that lived in the early Cretaceous period. 

The Neovenator is the largest known predator of Europe in prehistoric times. It measured 76 meters in length, making it an incredible force that roamed the earth. Moreover, its snout has neurovascular canals that work as sensory organs. Apart from being enormous and fast, the Neovenator also has powerful detection tools rendering any unfortunate prey hopeless.

With the help of paleontologists, CollectA was able to arrive with a lineup of factually accurate dinosaur representations. Finely-scaled and carefully hand-painted, the details each piece hold are spot-on. Due to its exactness, the Neoventator figure serves as an ideal reference for science presentations and as educational toys.


  • CollectA Prehistoric World Neovenator L showcases realistic immortalization of an ancient ruler with heightened predatory senses and immense size
  • Kids enrich their curiosity and knowledge about dinosaurs as they spend more time playing with this piece and other items from the CollectA lineup
  • High-quality toy figurine, made of PVC and non-toxic materials
  • Dimensions: 14cm x 8.5cm
  • For kids 3 and up

Every collection needs a king. And in the prehistoric creature lineup, make sure to add the fierce CollectA Prehistoric World Neovenator L.