CollectA Farm Time Lamb Standing Toy Figure



Indulge your kids in a fun storytelling or nursery rhyme with CollectA’s Lamb Animal Toy Figure.

Enter the wonderful world of storytelling and children’s movies, and you’ll find lambs popular. Known for their white, thick, and fluffy coats, lambs are also found in famous nursery rhymes. Most kids get creative and draw a lamb, often associating it with a cloud or cotton ball. 

CollectA brings the adorable and gentle lamb to life as it accurately paints and sculpts its woolly fur, long legs, hooves, round ears, and tails. The replica also shows a lamb’s mouth that is unique with a groove on the upper lip that helps them graze close to the ground.


  • The CollectA Farm Time Lamb Standing Toy Figure has finely detailed textures that artistically emphasizes a lamb’s unique body structure.
  • Beautifully hand-painted in a rich white colour
  • Great tool for storytelling, nursery rhymes, and animal role-playing with children
  • A perfect addition to CollectA Lamb, CollectA Lamb Grazing, and CollectA Sheep (sold separately)
  • Dimensions: 4.5cm x 4cm
  • Suitable for children ages 3 and up

Spark your child’s imagination and creativity with the CollectA Farm Time Lamb Standing Toy Figure.