CollectA Farm Time Jack Russell Terrier Toy Figure



The CollectA Farm Time Jack Russell Terrier Toy Figure is a perfect miniature of your child’s lively four-legged friend.

Jack Russell Terriers are clever, independent, and active little dogs which were bred hundreds of years ago in England. Their curious, fast, and agile traits make them perfect hunters of wild animals, especially the foxes. They are great outdoor companions because of their tireless enthusiasm to run around and play for hours.

CollectA’s incredible toy replicas create a miniature version of animals fit for children to play and collect. CollectA Farm Time Jack Russell Terrier figurine boosts your kids’ knowledge about various dog breeds and encourages them to learn more about the different traits of animals.


  • CollectA Farm Time Jack Russell Terrier is a lifelike impression of this lovable, furry companion.
  • Highly commendable as an educational tool for dioramas and project displays or as a fun toy collectible for kids
  • Meticulously constructed using the finest and non-toxic materials suitable for very young children
  • Product Dimensions: 5cm x 2cm
  • Recommended for children ages 3 years and up

Add this Jack Russell Terrier toy figurine to your kid’s growing collection. Check out other awesome toys from CollectA, too!