CollectA Farm Time Golden Retriever Dog M



CollectA Farm Time Golden Retriever Dog M mini-figure depicts the intelligent and friendly breed named Gino, a harmonious piece in any collection.

The healthy, glowing fur of the popular dog breed shows in this real-life representation from CollectA. From the face to its tail, it’s the exact Golden Retriever we love to play and cuddle with. The toy figure is perfect for Golden Retriever lovers, as well as kids who love to collect and play with animal toys.

CollectA produces high-quality educational toy figures for kids and even adults who would like to complete their display pieces. This golden retriever replica, in particular, exhibits details accurately representing its real-life counterpart.


  • CollectA Farm Time Golden Retriever Dog M highlights the friendly and loving aura of the dog breed, making it a matching display for households with a golden retriever.
  • Suitable for project displays and as toy figures for role-playing
  • Helps kids learn about different breeds, as CollectA has a variety of dogs in their collection
  • Made from tough, reliable materials, you can trust that the toy can withstand frequent falls
  • The toy is 100% free from non-toxic, lead-free and phthalate-free elements
  • Dimensions: 3.1”L x 2.4”H
  • Perfect for kids from three and above!

Kids love golden retrievers, and the dog breed feels the same. They deserve a place in our hearts and our display collection.