CollectA Farm Time Farmer Female Figure



CollectA Farm Time Farmer Female Figure completes a realistic barn or farm make-believe, a staple piece in your children’s collection.

Farming is an essential part of agriculture, and it has been the way of living of earlier people in ancient times according to evidence collated and studied by archaeologists. As early as the Bronze Age, which took place by 5000 to 4000 B.C. Sumerians had a specialized labour force with beans, wheat and barley as some of their abundant crops.

CollectA brings a female farmer figure with a bucket full of produce. She also wears the typical barn outfit such as a blue bandana, a dark brown apron and a pair of boots. This piece makes an amazing addition to a farm-themed setting as a display at home or in your child’s science project presentation.


  • CollectA Farm Time Farmer Female Figure is suitable for project displays, dioramas and as a fun toy for children.
  • It makes a perfect addition to a farm-themed setting.
  • Sculptured and hand-painted to perfection for fantastic quality and to make it compatible with other items from the Farm Time lineup
  • Dimensions: 4.8cm x 8.1cm
  • Appropriate for kids 3 and up

Apart from animals and the haystack, a farm-themed display won’t be complete without the CollectA Farm Time Farmer Female Figure.